This Must be Completed by December 31st 2020

Please check with  (877-434-6323) and see that you have completed and have been credited the required one-hour Human Trafficking class that has been legislated by the State of Florida.  This class must the completed by December 31st 2020. If you know of anyone who may need GLN’s Human Trafficking class, it is approved by the Florida Chiropractic Board and is reported to CE Broker for you. Simply send them this email with this link to the Read More »

2021 Legislative Agenda

As you may know, our lobbyist worked very hard on getting us the option to take all 40-hours of CE’s online.  Now, they are chomping at the bit for another challenge and want to hear from you!  What concerns do you have for our Chiropractic Profession?  We want to see everyone succeed and I know at times there are obstacles that may seem like a high hurdle to jump over.  However, with the assistance of our lobbyist ANYTHING is possible.   Read More »

History to be made for our Chiropractic Profession

The time has come and 40 hours of online CE is on the horizon.  If you would like to join in on this historical moment, please join us on the August 7th Board  meeting at 8:30am.   There are a couple of steps you will need to follow in order to participate: Step One You will need to email the FBCM’s Executive Director Dr. Anthony Spivey at, and request your five minutes of public comment.  Below, is Read More »

Lobbyist Timeline

Go Learn Network welcomed Corcoran & Partners Government Relations as its new lobbying firm prior to the start of the 2019 Legislative Session in March. Founded in 2001, Corcoran & Partners is a full service governmental affairs firm with expertise in all areas of state and local government. The team has more than 85 years of combined legislative, executive, and regulatory knowledge and experience. They have been recognized as one of Florida’s top lobbying firms Read More »

We did it… 40 hours of Online CE is now Available!

As GoLearnNetwork promised, Florida Chiropractors now have 40 hours of online CE’s.  We appreciate the Governor, and the Senate and House Legislators for their leadership in recognizing this need for our profession.  Now chiropractors have a choice of taking all 40 hours of approved continuing education online, in person at live events, or a combination of the two. I want to thank all of you who stuck with us these five years in the pursuit of Read More »

40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

As you may know, GoLearnNetwork has led the charge with “Doctor’s Choice”; a petition to allow our fellow chiropractors the right to choose taking their continuing education online, in person or a combination of both. Florida’s elected officials agree with us, and through a series of actions this month have let the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine know they think it’s time Florida chiropractors be given the ability to take their continuing education online. As part Read More »