Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

This 1 CE hour 50-minute on-line course will provide Chiropractic licensed providers the opportunity to identify and appropriately evaluate possible victims of human trafficking.   Through this course chiropractic practitioners will acquire the tools and red flag congruencies associated with human trafficking commonalities. In addition, this course will offer clear points in the factors of persons at higher risk for human trafficking. 

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding the types and venues of human trafficking
  • Identifying victims of human trafficking in health care settings
  • Identifying the warning signs of human trafficking in health care settings for adults and minors
  • Identifying resources for reporting the suspected victims of human trafficking

A Graduate of Life University, Dr. Tribuno served as a Board of Director for the Georgia Council of Chiropractic and the Executive Director for the Larry Webster Foundation. She is a past member of Faculty at Life Chiropractic College where she served as a Lead Instructor in chiropractic technique and a past Director of the Postgraduate Department.  In addition to her academic role she ran a highly profitable Georgia practice for over 20 years.

Chiropractic entered Tribuno’ s life when she was the fourth case in the US to fall victim to Guillian Barre Syndrome with maximum damage to both CNS and PNS. “Chiropractic care changed the course of the residual of Guillian Barre and continues to do so 36 years later, I will always be indebted to our  profession.” Tribuno passed on her love and belief in chiropractic to her daughter Dr. Rana Watson, a second generation chiropractor.

States Approved for: FL

Approval #: 20-784860

Expires: 8/10/2022

Sponsoring College: Northwestern Health Sciences

Cost: $20.00/hour

Please note: You will need the following in order to complete the course successfully:

  • PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cellphone with Internet capabilities * **Please take into consideration that the course will function best on your PC or laptop
  • A webcam
  • Your State Issued Drivers License