History to be made for our Chiropractic Profession

The time has come and 40 hours of online CE is on the horizon.  If you would like to join in on this historical moment, please join us on the August 7th Board  meeting at 8:30am.  

There are a couple of steps you will need to follow in order to participate:

Step One

You will need to email the FBCM’s Executive Director Dr. Anthony Spivey at Anthony.Spivey@flhealth.gov, and request your five minutes of public comment. 

Below, is a sample template you may use to request your public comment.

To the Honorable Dr. Spivey,

My name is Dr. ________ License # ________.   I would like to speak in support of 40 hours online continuing education during the public comment section of the Teleconference Board Meeting on Friday August 7th.  Please let me know if you need any further information.

___________ D.C.

Step Two

Join Go Learn Network on the August 7th Board Meeting via Teleconference.  The meeting will be streaming through GoToMeeting.

Date and Time: August 7, 2020, 8:30 a.m.

Place: opens in a new windowhttps://global.gotomeeting.com/join/914418549

If you would like to use your mic and speakers (VoIP) or call in using your telephone.

Dial: 1(877) 309-2073
Access Code: 914-418-549
Audio Pin: 59

We hope to hear all of you during this historic moment for our Chiropractic Profession.  

2 thoughts on “History to be made for our Chiropractic Profession

  1. Thank you. Believe the chiropractic organizations will find another way to raise money for legislation issues.

  2. It would be great to have a fee schedule from Medicare that was respectable. Getting paid for exams like every other Physician is a good place to start. We should get reimbursed for therapies as well. We are required by the national boards to be certified in therapies, but not reimbursed by insurances. Also Medicare needs to reimburse for x-rays ordered by chiropractors. We work with bones, we should be able to see what we are working on and not guess. These are all ridiculous antiquated ideas that need to be changed. If we are essential to this country, then we should be treated and paid accordingly.

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