40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

As you may know, GoLearnNetwork has led the charge with “Doctor’s Choice”; a petition to allow our fellow chiropractors the right to choose taking their continuing education online, in person or a combination of both.

Florida’s elected officials agree with us, and through a series of actions this month have let the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine know they think it’s time Florida chiropractors be given the ability to take their continuing education online.

As part of the state budget which was signed into law by governor DeSantis and went into effect July 1st, the Board of Chiropractic Medicine has been directed to develop additional continuing education models, including online options and may not limit the number of hours of continuing education that be taken online.  The language from the state budget bill is below.

40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

On July 10th, Senate President Bill Galvano sent a letter to the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine to explain the intent of the state budget bill… “licensees should have the option to complete the full 40 hours of continuing education requirements, online, should the licensee select the option…” The complete letter from the Senate President is below.

40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

On July 21st, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jose Oliva, authored a letter to the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine, which also appears below.  In his letter, Speaker Oliva urged the members of the Board of Chiropractic Medicine to “revise your regulations and eliminate the 10 hour restriction” and act without delay.  

40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

GoLearnNetwork has petitioned the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine to approve the 40 hours of online education option immediately and without restriction or delay.  On August 7th, the Board of Chiropractic Medicine will meet to decide if they will follow the guidance from Florida’s Legislative and Executive branches, and approve the 40 hour option. 

You may participate at the August 7th Board of Chiropractic Medicine meeting and let your voice be heard.  The Board typically allows each person five minutes of public comment.  Simply email Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Spivey and request your five minutes of public comment.

opens in a new windowAnthony.Spivey@flhealth.gov

We hope our Chiropractic Board takes these three documents from the Executive and Legislative Branches seriously.  These three documents clearly demonstrate the board should approve 40 hours online immediately without restrictions or delays.

As always, GoLearnNetwork will continue to stand strong for you.  Should the Chiropractic Board ignore the Governors’s budget action, the Senate President and House Speaker’s request, GoLearnNetwork will immediately petition for action and relief before the Administrative Law Judge.

As always, thank you for your support.

14 thoughts on “40 hours of Continuing Education is Within Reach

  1. Thank you so much for being the thoughtful organization to stand tall for our profession! Hopefully all your hard work will pay off in August. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good decision to come.

  2. Thank you for your perseverance and diligence!
    As an out-of-state doc with a Florida license this will make my life a lot easier.

  3. Thank you so much for all your efforts. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET about the Doctors who need ACUPUNCTURE!!!!!!

  4. Go get em Rick. Finally a special interest budget bill provision that helps the chiropractic profession. Keep up the good fight!

  5. Thank you for what you are doing. I am so tired of being excluded from the privileges that other health professionals get to enjoy. The online option should be in place for those that cannot afford to travel to CE locations, or afford to take entire weekends off because of having to work a second job, or have health issues that prevent them from being able to sit for 10 hours a day.

  6. Attaboy Dr. Rick & Company! You’ve won a great victory for us field doctors. Thank you!! Now the Board has to decide whether its going to comply or defy.

  7. You and your team have lead the charge into injustice and inequality. Good for you and thank Peggy and the girls for their support also.
    Go Learn Network……for the good of ALL Florida chiropractors

  8. A long hard fought war you waged on out behalf now appears with victory in sight! I hope you will offer the 40 hours free of charge just like your previous weekend classes! Thank you Rick & all of GLN staff!!

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